About us – Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer

Bruce Farrow NLP TrainerBruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer is the person behind Palatua’s unique approach to helping people become inspiring presenters. Having trained NLP for over 15 years, including teaching 9 NLP Trainers Trainings, he now brings his NLP knowledge to the specialist field of presenting.

Over the years he has taught hundreds of individuals to present in a way that is inspiring and with clarity.

He has put together a team of trainers that cover the globe so, whether you are in London or Singapore, Los Angeles or Sydney, we have an NLP Trainer qualified coach for you.

All Palatua Presentation Coaches are, at the very least, Certified Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This means that they understand how…

  • the mind works.
  • to change communication in order to effectively impart the message.
  • different people process information in a variety of ways.
  • to build rapport with an individual and with a group.
  • the mind of the listener requires a certain structure in order to process information.
  • to alter emotinal state for impact.
  • to assist people changing their emotional state.
  • to rid people of negative experiences that impact their lives
  • certain hand movements in a presentation mean something to the listener.
  • voice tonailty can be used for impact.
  • to alter the way we use language in order to appeal to everyone.
  • to ‘anchor’ a particular emotional state in the audience.

and much, much more.

Our team of international coaches have a unique system that will help you develop into an amazing presenter. What you can achieve with the right coaching is beyond your wildest dreams. Why not contact us and find out what we can do for you?

Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer has now retired from NLP Training and lives in London, England with his family. His time is spent between his work with Palatua and his overseas manufacturing business.