Bruce Farrow Trainer answers What is Presentation Skills Coaching?

Bruce Farrow Trainer, says that Palatua’s Presentation Skills Coaching can be tailored to the individuals needs, and can look and create changes in 5 areas. It has been designed by Bruce Farrow Trainer – in fact he is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP – using his knowledge of training NLP Trainers for the last decade.

What is a Presentation?

Let’s start by looking at what a presentation is? A presentation is about communicating a message in a way whereby ALL the listeners either learn something that is relevant, interesting and useful to them and are inspired to go and use it in some way. In other words a presentation must have a purpose that aligns to these factors.

Let’s look at the principal 5 areas of a presentation.

The Emotional State of the Presenter

There is nothing worse, for the audience, than a nervous presenter. We have all seen them. The audience becomes nervous for them – willing them to get it right – and the focus goes away from what they are trying to say.

The emotional state of any presenter is key because their state is infectious. An excited presenter will probably end up with an excited audience. A passionate presenter will sell their concept. A bored presenter will put the audience to sleep.

So understanding how to change the state of the presenter is an important part of the presentation skills coach. Using techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this can be achieved easily so that a presenter who was previously nervous, now presents in positive, useful states.

The Structure of the Presentation

One of the biggest areas of concern with presentations is that most people are unaware of how to construct a presentation. They have little idea of how to format it in a way that gives clarity to everyone in the audience. The majority of presentations are muddled and hence the audience miss out on the purpose.

The human mind if programmed to accept information in particular ways. It relates to the use and structure of the English language and the manner in which they use information.

However, there is a structure that was pioneered by a lady called Bernice MCarthy back in the 1970s and when linked with a knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a presentation can be constructed and delivered in such a way whereby the whole audience ‘gets it’ – with emphasis on the whole audience!

Your Palatua coach will work with you on your presentation and teach you how to structure it correctly for maximum impact.

The Delivery of the Presentation

Once again, for maximum effect, this can be broken down into space (where the person is standing), the physiology of the presenter (how they stand), movement (either moving around the stage or hand movements), voice (utilisation of the range of the voice broken down into tempo, volume and pitch) and energy.

Every one of the areas mentioned can have a profound effect on the success of the presentation.

You Palatua coach will work with you and help you enhance each area of the delivery of your presentation. They will teach you how to build rapport with the audience.

Presentation Set Ups

Often, this is a part of presentations that many presenters have no input on or, have no idea that it makes a difference. Did you know there is an optimal way to set up your room/stage whereby the audience take in the most amount of your presentation?

Your Palatua coach will explain and guide you on the optimum way of setting up rooms and stages.

Added Inspiration in your Presentations

One for the advanced presenters – how to use stories with a purpose (metaphors). How to use the art of story telling to embed your message in the unconcsious mind of the listener.

Your Palatua coach will explain and teach, demonstrate and assist you int he art of designing stories to fit the purpose of your presentation. They will then show you how and where to deliver them.

Bruce Farrow Trainer

Please note – Bruce Farrow Trainer – certified NLP Master Trainer has designed the Palatua programme. Also note that Bruce Farrow has now retired from full time NLP training. He now lives with his family in London from where he directs Palatua and his overseas manuafacturing business.