How does it work?

bruce farrow nlp trainingPalatua Ltd in conjunction with Bruce Farrow NLP Training gets fantastic results for people who wish to improve their presentation skills.

Bruce Farrow NLP Training

Bruce Farrow trainer of the International NLP Trainers Training designed the Palatua Presentation Skills Coaching in such a way whereby it can be easily tailored to your individual requirements. You may have people in your organisation who need more coaching than others. Some may have a lot of experience and plenty of bad habits and some might just need a little guidance and refinement.


Essentially this is how we work.

  1. Assessment of the needs of the presenter. This can be done by telephone and is an informal discussion.
  2. The presenter will be asked to either prepare, or have ready, a 15 minute presentation which will act as the vehicle for the coaching throughout the coaching period.
  3. On the coaching days the first thing will be to have the presenter present their prepared presentation. This will be recorded and then watched back with the presenter giving their assessment. The Palatua coach will then discuss the areas of improvement and how to tackle each one.
  4. We will work with the client on any emotional state ‘issues’ (such as nervousness).
  5. Our coach will work on the structure of the presentation with the client and teach them how to structure a presentation for maximum effect.
  6. They will then break the presentation down into sections and teach/coach the client in the delivery of it utilising the language, voice, stance and movement for maximum effect. Every time the client practices a part of the presentation it will be recorded and played back so the client can see how it looks and sounds.
  7. For advanced presenters, they will be taught how design and use stories for a purpose of enhancing the presentation.
  8. The final presentation is recorded and the client watches the first and the last video to see the massive differences.

Coaching packages are tailored specifically to the individuals requirements but here are some examples to give you an idea.

Remember each package uses a structure designed by Bruce Farrow NLP Training services and consequently gets the fastest and best results for you!

Conference Coaching Package (1-2 days normally)

Perhaps you have an important conference coming up where the impact of your address is critical. The confernece coaching package allows you to work with an expert for between one and two days refining the address, coaching the delivery so that it really hits the mark.

General Improvement Package (1-2 days normally)

For people who perhaps present a lot but recognise they could do it better. This package allows the client to work with the specialist, get rid of all the bad habits and learn to present confidently with greater impact.

Big Sales Pitch (usually 2  days)

Do you have a big pitch coming up where the results are important, very important to your business. We can work with you for a couple of days to ensure you maximise your time in front of the client and you get the best chance of achieving your objective.

Nervous Presenter Package (2-3 days)

Do you have to give a lot of presentations and you just hate doing them because you find them scary? The nervous presenter package gives you time to work one on one with an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming who will assist you to reprogram those fears and change them into excitement. You will then be taught and coached in how to structure and deliver a presentation. The end results are amazing!

Acedemic Presentation package (2 days)

Do you have to give presentations either in academia or in an academic? This package coaches you in presenting a possibly ‘dry’ subject and making it come alive – keeping your audience entranced throughout. Once again, the results are amazing.

The above packages have been designed by Bruce Farrow trainer of the International NLP Trainers Training.