NLP Trainers Training – ABNLP – September

The International NLP Trainers Training ABNLP will be hosted by Palatua Ltd

This will be the 11th time Bruce Farrow, NLP Master Trainer, will have trained this prestigious event. Palatua Ltd is delighted to be associated with an event of this calibre.

This NLP Trainers Training is significantly different from others available. In 2008 Bruce Farrow, designed this training to raise the standards on NLP Trainers Training. He made it longer and very focussed on students being able to present ALL NLP topics rather than just 2 which has been the set standard amongst other NLP Trainers Trainings around the globe.

He has long been an advocate of raising the standards of NLP Trainers and this was his contribution to the cause. If you wish to read his thoughts on the standards within the NLP community then click here.

So, the International NLP Trainers Training will take place from September 4th – September 28th.The venue will be the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hua Hin. This venue has been the home of the International NLP Trainers Training since it’s first event back in 2009.

This event carries the approval of the ABNLP, possibly the largest certification body in the world, and all successful students will be able to join this organisation as Certified Trainers of NLP on payment of their membership fee.

The event is open to anyone holding an NLP Master Practitioner Certificate with a recognised NLP Certification body. E.G. ABNLP, INLPTA, SNLP, ITANLP.

You are welcome to email us if you are unsure whether your qualification will be recognised.

NLP Trainers Training ABNLP – More Information.

For information regarding the International NLP Trainers Training ABNLP with Bruce Farrow, please go to it’s dedicated website at

Here you will find all the necessary information explaining on how specifically this training will make you the very best NLP Trainer that you can be. Plus you can find information on the venue and, download a brochure if you wish.