Why Conventional Training Doesn’t Work! – by Bruce Farrow NLP Trainer

bruce farrow nlp trainerBruce Farrow NLP Trainer says that the problem with going on a course to develop your presentation skills is time. Either the course is too long to fit into your busy schedule or it is too short to make any impact.

Think about it.

You book on a course and there are 12 people on it. Every ‘skill’ described and demonstrated by the trainer needs to be practiced by the student so every exercise in presenting skills will take hours. For example, a trainer is talking about voice utilisation in a presentation and demonstrates it. Now it is your turn to practice.

Lets be kind and say you have to do a 10 minute presentation utilsing everything that he has just taught you. The exercise will take 10 minutes x 12 students = 2 hours. For 1hour and 50 minutes you are sitting around listening to other students! And this is just one exercise!

On the basis of an 8 hour day the most practice you are going to get is probably 30 minutes. A whole hour in 2 days!

Some people will say there are 28 skills that a presenter needs to do unconsciously in a presentation. That takes a lot of practice and hence, a course doesn’t work!

Bruce Farrow NLP Trainer – actually an NLP Master Trainer – has trained eight NLP Trainers Trainings certified by the ABNLP. He knows what it takes to turn an average presenter into an amazing one.