Why Improve your presentations

Palatua Ltd offers presentation skills coaching on a one-to-one basis allowing the individual to rapidly improve the effectiveness of their presentation and achieve better results.

How many presentations have you been to that are just plain dull, or confusing, or misleading, or too complex, or not understandable, or hard to listen to or full of what you deem to be irrelevent information? How many times has a presenter irritated you, or distracted you from the content of their presentation?

Unfortunately, in the corporate world, the majority of presentations fall into one of those categories and the reason behind that is most people giving presentations have never been trained properly. They have picked it up as they have gone along – together with plenty of unuseful habits.

Most people have no idea as to how to structure their presentation so it appeals to everyone in the audience or have been misinformed that the way to do it is to “tell ’em, tell ’em again and then tell ’em again!”

Most presenters do not understand that their audience will process what they are saying in different ways and that is their role to adapt their language to appeal to everyone.

Many people just dump information on the audience rather than inspire them to use it.

Many presenters move around at random which can cause confusion and distractions to the audience.

The majority of presenters wave their hands around randomly to, in their minds, make a point. However what they do not realise is that any gesture has a meaning to the audience at the unconscious level and that meaning is often different to what they think!

So, how would it be if you knew how to structure a presentation so that it appeals to the unconscious mind of the whole audience giving them total clarity?

How would it be if your delivery became inspirational to the audience? Woudl that be useful?

How would it be if you delivered your message with impact and influence AND the audience really enjoyed your pitch? What difference would that make?

Would you like to be remembered as a great presenter? Do you think you would be more successful if you were?

So you would probably agree that all the above is useful and the temptation then is to go on a training. Unfortunately presentation skills training doesn’t really work because there is not enough time devoted to the individual and their own personal issues. They don’t get enough practice time because, if they did, the course would be a month long!

That is why the format Palatua have designed works so well. We do not do presentation skills training – we do one-to-one presentation skills coaching, usually over 2 days, to take your presentation to becoming more effective, more inspirational with more clarity. Who knows, you may even be asked back!